Days 1 and 2 and Peer Pressure

Saturday marked the start of December and the start of P90X and changing the way I eat.  I am happy to report that everything is off to a good start, even though we aren’t exactly following the meals I planned last week.  We were invited a lot of places, and actually ended up eating away from home for both lunch and dinner Saturday and Sunday.  Such is life, but I was determined to make good choices, and for the most part, I did.


However, being around so many people this weekend brought up another issue to deal with:  peer pressure.  As an adult at 28 years old, I thought I was done with peer pressure. But Saturday proved that no matter the age, peer pressure exits.  On two separate occasions, I had friends, without really meaning to or knowing that they did, put down what I am doing for myself.

Before dinner, we got together with a few friends for a bonfire.  I mentioned to a couple other ladies that I had started P90X, and that day 1 was basically all push-ups and pull-ups. While they all made comments like “That’s great!”, one of them also started saying something to the effect of “Just don’t get too toned. Women who are toned are sort of scary”. I didn’t tell her that I think strong is the new sexy, but I did tell her that there’s nothing to worry about; it will be a long time before my arms are toned.

I’m tired of the mentality that strong women are scary. Ok – I agree those women-as-big-as-men body builders scare me, but having toned arms – that is sexy. I’m going to try my hardest to have toned arms, and if my friend thinks that they’re scary – oh well!

After that, we went to Macaroni Grill, and I decided to forgo the delicious, over-indulgent pastas that I would love to have eaten for something Zone friendly. I ordered the Grilled Chicken Splendini – basically 2 grilled chicken kabobs with grilled vegetables and a side salad. When the waitress had delivered all our dishes, someone made the comment to me, “When are they bringing the rest of your food”? Then, of all people, my husband started making a few comments like “Did you order off the kids plate?” to which everyone at the table had a discussion about my meal choice. While I was not ready to discuss that I was “dieting” – or rather trying to change my diet to a healthier lifestyle – I did say that this is plenty of food, and later had a discussion with my husband about peer pressure. I knew that if it had been just the two of us at dinner, and even later after we were alone, he would be proud that I ordered smart, and that type of comments were unnecessary.

The dinner ended up being delicious, and I was not so miserable after dinner like I would have been if I had filled myself on bread and pasta. So what if everyone had made fun of it; they were probably thinking to themselves, “I should have ordered something like that instead”.

So I feel like there’s a lesson here, but I’m not quite sure what it is. Maybe it’s that despite other people’s best intentions, there will be times when they don’t understand what you’re doing – but you have to keep doing it – for yourself.

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