Derailed, but getting back on track

I admitted in my first post that only a crazy person would decide to start a diet and exercise program right before the holidays.  It wasn’t too long after we started P90X and The Zone Diet on December 1st that I came down with the stomach flu.  Actually, I’m pretty sure that was the 7th, and I remained weak for several days after it had run it course.  Then the husband came down with a bad cold.  P90X was quickly derailed.


I kept us following the Zone for as long as I could, but then Christmas came, along with lots of family and food.  We ate every meal with family or friends from Christmas Eve dinner until January 2nd, when I went back to work again.  Then, we were without a refrigerator; a huge ice storm hit, taking out the power for a few days…and our refrigerator motor for good.  We got that replaced last week, but we have had a house guest, my cousin who is taking a certification class, who insists on treating us to dinner every night since he doesn’t have to pay for a hotel.  And the indulging continues.


Excuses aside, life gets in the way of plans sometimes, but we are getting back on track this weekend (after my cousin heads home).  Once again I am preparing a Zone friendly menu and plan on getting up early in the mornings and working out.  The husband started a new job and gets up at 5, so I think I’ll try to get up then too and spend some time with Tony Horton.


Time to Bring It…for good this time.


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