Back At It Again…

To quickly catch up, last week, I prepared a menu to get us back in the Zone starting Saturday.  Friday afternoon, I went grocery shopping to stock the fridge and pantry with all kinds of fruits, veggies, and ingredients for great sounding recipes.


Best thing I’ve made so far was last night; I made a recipe I found on Pinterest for dinner:  PF Change copy Lettuce Wraps (only I used ground beef instead of chicken).  YUM!  The husband gave it the “You can make this again anytime” approval.


This morning, I woke up with the husband at 5am and worked out while he got ready for work.  I modified the P90X Chest and Back Routine (Week 1, Day 1) to include a little cardio:  one set of pull-ups (aka pulling on resistance bands) at 15 reps, followed by either knee push-ups or bench presses with 15 lb dumbbells (I alternated every set) at 10 reps, then 20 jumping jacks.  Rest for 30 seconds and repeat, for a total of 8 times.


The P90X Chest and Back routine is probably my least favorite of all of the workouts for two reasons:  #1 – I can’t do pull-ups; #2 – I can’t do push-ups.  The workout is pretty much just different types of pull-ups and push-ups.  One day, I’ll be able to do a set of pull-ups and a real set of push-ups, but that day is not today.


So, getting back on track is off to a great start and today I feel completely full of energy.  I know it has to do with both the eating better and working out this morning.  I just hope I don’t crash this afternoon…or a couple of weeks from now.


What I mean by that is that this isn’t my first rodeo.  You can read my About page for a little more detail, but it seems like the last few times I’ve tried to get the weight back off, I’m on fire for a while, but quickly fizzle out after my first bad day.


Knowing that, I have a lot of questions:


What is different about this time around that will make me stick with the plan until I meet my goal(s)?


Why did I not stick with it the other times I “tried”?


What happens after I reach my goal?


I’ve hit my goal before and then couldn’t sustain it; what really caused me to gain the weight back?


Did I set an unattainable, unrealistic goal?


Will I change enough this time around that this really can become a lifestyle, not a “diet”?


Will I be back here again, having lost the weight then gaining it back, trying to start all over?


Even though this is starting out great, I’ve got some negative thoughts floating around that I just needed to get out.  I know the answer to some of those questions, while others leave me guessing.  I know this is not an easy process, and that I’m looking for progress, not perfection, but I want this to be the last time I’m “starting over” on my journey to a healthier me.

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