Day 1

Great start to the day and these 30 days.  I woke up at 5:15am; made the husband and I breakfast smoothies; and let Jillian Michaels kick my butt for 30 minutes.  I did the Level 1 workout, with 3 lbs weights, knee push-ups, and no extra breaks.

Weighed yesterday and took my measurements before working out this morning.

  • Weight:  156 pounds
  • Bust:  37”
  • Under bust:  30”
  • Waist:  30”
  • Abdomen (aka “pooch”): 39.5”
  • Hips:  41.25”
  • Largest part of thigh:  24.25”
  • Bicep:  12.25”

Pear-shape much?

Yesterday, I started tracking my food again, Weight Watcher style.  I don’t know why this works for me rather than tracking calories, but it does, for me.  I’m tracking using the original Points system, which was the method when I was in Weight Watchers in 2008.  I know there’s some good things in their newer programs, but I’m using what I have for now.

22 Points Allowance

  • 6oz coffee                                                 -0 points            22 points remaining
  • 1 Tbsp Dairy Coffee Creamer                    -1                     21
  • 1 Grande Soy Chai (Starbucks)                 -4                     17
  • Walked 30 mins at lunch                        +1 activity            18
  • Mushroom Stuffed Turkey                        -4                        14
  • 4 Fingerling Potatoes                               -1                        13
  • 1 Gala Apple                                            -1                        12
  • 1 serving Lettuce Wraps                        -6                          6
  • 1 frozen Egg Roll                                    -3                          3
  • 3 frozen Potstickers                              -3.5                      -0.5
  • 8 oz 2% Milk                                           -3                        -3.5

Weekly extra points allowance remaining:  31.5

I didn’t sleep well Sunday night, so I appeased myself with Starbucks Chai for breakfast.  Not the healthiest.

I’ve been craving Chinese food for a couple of days, so dinner was to appease that craving in a better-that-take-out way (word-of-the-day: appease).  I did my research on frozen eggrolls before I went to the store on my way home, but they didn’t have the brand I had decided to get; the brand I did get were more points…and I should have only eaten two potstickers…but I had a moment of weakness.  Not bad for Day 1 though.

My main “daily goal” this week is to drink water – I believe that drinking water is one of the keys to weight loss.  My daily goal is to drink ½ an ounce for every pound of weight.  That puts me at 78 ounces.  Yesterday I had 80 ounces; today, thanks to the early workout, I have already had 60+ ounces before 10am.

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