Day 2

This morning’s workout:  JM 30-Day Shred – Level 1, 3 lb weights, modified push-ups.

Yesterday’s workout left me feeling just sore enough in my back and legs that it felt good.  Today, I am even more sore – especially the legs.  Feels great.

Yesterday’s food:  Points allowance:  22; points used:  32 (yikes); activity points earned:  4; 6 points taken from weekly allowance, leaving 25.5.


We went out with a few friends after work for Fat Tuesday.  I had decided I’d only have one beer, and since I had taco meat in the crockpot at home, we would wait to eat until we went home.  Then everyone ordered food, and we were hungry…so we split a spinach artichoke dip.  And we stayed until 8…so I had two beers.

It could have been worse.  I was still hungry when we got home.  Thankfully I kept myself busy and out of the fridge until bedtime.  I knew I had consumed more than enough calories (even if it wasn’t the healthiest) – so we’ll be having those tacos tonight.

And I’m thankful I worked in more activity at lunch, even if it was just one point.  On nice days, I don’t have a problem getting out and walking around for 30 minutes.  If I have errands to run, I try to work that in – like walking to the bank or post office instead of driving.  Yesterday, it was nasty – rainy and cold.  I didn’t think I was going to be able to work it in, but then everyone left the office during lunch, so I did Leslie Sansone’s 2 mile walk video at my desk.

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