Day 3

Today’s workout:  JM 30-Day Shred, Level 1 w/ 3lb weights and modified pushups.

I’m debating on taking one rest day between each level.  I plan on spending 10 days at each level, and then maybe taking a rest day, which wouldn’t count towards the overall 30 (so it will take me 32 days to finish).  It’s not that I don’t think I could make the 30 days non-stop, but doesn’t the body need time to recover?  Even P90X has a rest day or lighter day built in weekly.

Just something I’m thinking about.


Yesterday’s food:  Points allowed: 22; Points used 29; Activity Points earned:  4; Deficit taken from weeklies:  3; Weeklies left:  22.5


In the last 3 days, I’ve developed a mantra:  “Let that be enough” in regards to my meals.  I usually feel “full” but not stuffed, and I have to remind myself that full is enough; I don’t need to be stuffed.  However, yesterday, this almost backfired.  I had a salad for lunch, but I was still hungry after eating that.  I keep saying “Let that be enough” and “It’s just in your head”.  Then when I got home, I wanted to tear apart the refrigerator and eat everything in sight.  It didn’t help that the husband stayed late at work.  If he had been there when I got home like usual, we would have just eaten dinner; instead, I needed/wanted a snack…and then ate my portion of the guacamole I was making to go with the tacos for dinner before he arrived.  Not that this was his fault at all; I am still relearning to listen – and trust – to the hunger monitor inside of me.  Lesson learned:  don’t get obsessed – don’t let a good idea be taken to the point of sabotage.  Luckily, I sort of kept myself in control – 3 weekly points used = not bad.

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