Day 4

Today’s workout:  30 Day Shred, Level 1 w/ mostly 5 lb weights and modified pushups (had to jump back down to 3 lb weights on the second set of squat presses).

Arms are already feeling the increase in weights – which surprises me.  The 3 pound weights almost felt like nothing – well, not nothing – but definitely like I could do more.

Other than the arm soreness, I feel amazing this morning – physically and mentally.  I am in the best of moods  – feeling like what I am doing IS making a difference, and that I can sustain this.  It’s not so bad waking up early and working out – and it’s not bad portioning and tracking my food.

Yesterday’s food:  Points allowed:  22; Activity Points earned:  4; Points used:  25.5; No weeklies used!  Weeklies left:  22.5.


I stayed within my points on Valentine’s Day!  My husband always cooks for us on Valentine’s – Shrimp Creole – which takes hours to make.  We didn’t eat until late, and once again, I was hungry when I got home from work.  At least this time, it wasn’t that fierce hungry.  Had a little snack to tide me over – probably not the healthiest.  I need to go to fruits and veggies in times like those.

Tonight, we are going out to dinner with some friends, and since I get off work at noon, I plan on getting in a few more Activity Points to mitigate whatever I eat tonight.  I will control myself, but since I have no idea where we’re going, I just want to be prepared.

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