Week 1 Weigh-In and Day 8

Success – lost 2 pounds!  Makes me wonder how much I would have lost if I hadn’t gone overboard this weekend.

My small goal for last week was to drink more water – 78 oz per day.  I met that goal everyday except Saturday and Sunday – though I’m happy that I got 60 oz in Sunday.  Since I feel pretty good about this goal, I’ll add another.

This week’s small goal is to get 5 servings of fruit and veggies in a day.

I’ve seen a lot of weight loss visualization jars on Pinterest, and I’ll probably make myself a real one, but I also made a virtual one for the blog.  I haven’t quite decided my “goal weight” because I really eventually want to build more muscle, and I know that gaining muscle may make me heavier – but for now, I’m showing the pounds to lose to get back to my WW Lifetime Goal of 125.  I’m afraid if I weighed 125 with as much muscle as I would like, it would be unhealthy.  I’ll take that on later…when I’m packing on muscle – ha!

2 pounds lost!

2 pounds lost!

On to Day 8:

Today’s workout:  Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred – Level 1 w/ 5 lb weights and modified pushups (6th workout)

I laugh at Jillian when she says “Those of you on day 5, 6, 7, I bet you’re seeing a HUGE difference in your endurance from day 1” because I still feel beat after the third set of jumping jacks – but she’s right.  The day I changed from 3 to 5 pound weights my arms were screaming at me; I had to switch back to the 3 pound dumbbells for a few sets; and I couldn’t get very deep into the squats and lunges.  Today I found myself getting deeper in the moves again.

Yesterday’s food:  Points allowed:  22; Points used:  23.5; Activity points earned:  3; Deficit from weeklies:  0


Small victory at lunch:  my office all went out for a birthday lunch, and where we went, I usually get the same thing:  California Turkey Wrap – loaded with cream cheese – and homemade potato chips.  Instead, I got a salad – and the fat free peppercorn and honey mustard dressing made me not even miss the cream cheese and potato chips.

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