Men vs Women

Yesterday, on a quest for a little daily motivation, I was looking on Pinterest at some weight loss boards.  Like usual, I saw a lot of junk and lies, which I have ranted about before so I’ll spare you, but then I came across a really great article from Prevention:  Lose Weight Like a Guy.

Here’s the book report version of the article:

It’s no secret that men and women lose weight differently – but a deeper look reveals some secrets that may help women.  For example, most men don’t crave sweets like women do; they crave meat.  When they give in to their cravings, they are eating protein, not junk.  And they don’t “forbid” themselves their favorite food; they eat a smaller portion instead.  Then there are the psychological issues:  women tend eat their emotions and get upset when they’re not perfect.  Men tend to work out their emotions (like workout when they’re angry) rather than eat and aren’t as hard on themselves when they slip up.  And it touches on workout ethic.

There were several good tips in the article – like the 80% rule – or 80/20 (which I also heard Jillian Michaels say yesterday while watching some clips that I came across).  The 80% rule is to strive for meeting your weight goals on average 80% of the time; some days you’ll do better, some days, you’ll do worse.  Jillian even went so far as to say use that other 20% for the “treat” items – don’t deprive yourself – much like this article mentioned.  If you strive for only 80%, you won’t beat yourself up that you’re not perfect.

The article compares 7 things that men and women do differently in terms of “dieting”, and as I was reading, I was thinking to myself, “Guilty!  I do that…and that…and that…”. For example, I gave up desserts and sweets for Lent, which conveniently started around the same time I began tracking WW style again.  It’s supposed to be a sacrifice, but I can’t say that I didn’t have additional motives behind it.  Am I just setting myself up to binge on Easter? (I’d like to think that I am not, that I am in control…but I can say that right now while I’m not craving sweets).

Anyway, I highly suggest this article – especially for women who have ever thought “It’s not fair” when it comes to how men and women lose weight.  I know I was guilty of that too; in fact, when I excitedly told my husband about my 2 lb loss yesterday morning, I threw in the despairing comment, “I know, you could lose 2 pounds in an afternoon”.  Now I know why – and now I can at least call attention to the harmful things that I am doing and work on correcting them.

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