Day 11 and DietBet

Today’s workout:  9th time Jillian Micaels’ 30 Day Shred Level 1 w/ 5 lb weights and mostly modified pushups.

Yesterday’s food:  22 Points Allowed; 3 Activity Points; 26.5 Points consumed; 1.5 taken from the Weeklies, leaving a total of 33.5.


Had an unexpected date night with the hubby – I think because he was HUNGRY when he got home from work, and I refused to cook until all the dishes were washed…so it would have been at least an hour…and he just couldn’t wait.  Fine with me…I love Texas Roadhouse.  Small victory by only eating one roll!

Tuesday, I was thinking to myself, “This whole losing weight thing would be a lot more fun if it were a game, sort of like the Biggest Loser.  Who could I find to compete with?”.  Then yesterday, out of what seems like no where, one of my friends sends me a link to this thing called DietBet, a weight loss game.  Who knew!  The game is that a group of people all put in a certain amount of money (or it can be done without money – but ours is a $10 bet) and everyone who loses 4% of his or her weight in 4 weeks splits the money.  Technically, everyone could win.  Our game is up to 48 players, most of whom I don’t know, but a couple of my friends are doing this too.

I think this adds another level of motivation; I really do not care if I make money from this – though the thought of getting paid to lose weight is sort of nice – but I don’t want to lose my $10…even though it’s just $10.  That’s less than it costs to go to two Weight Watchers meetings, but enough that it brings out a little competitive edge for me.  But not a bad competitive edge; I have a desire to support all the other players and start discussions to pass along tips and help each other along – sort of like a Weight Watchers meeting.

I’ll report back in 28 days with a review.  In the mean time, I need to lose a little over 6 pounds to keep my $10.

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