Day 15 – Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred = Whoa!

This morning was my first day of doing Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred (took me 14 days to workout 10 times to complete Level 1).  I was feeling good – I watched the Level 2 video yesterday and thought since Level 1 was getting…well, I wouldn’t say easy…but I was ready to move on.  LEVEL 2 KICKED MY BUTT THIS MORNING.  I thought jumping jacks made me sweat…they’re nothing compared to the cardio in this workout.

So – quick thoughts about the 30-Day Shred progress:  it may be that I am looking at myself like I am studying something under a microscope, but I think I’m already seeing some changes.  Though my stomach has a long way to go before I will call it “abs”, I am seeing some definition…and I feel like my spare tire is a little smaller.  Yesterday, I wore a pair of slacks that were usually a little tight, but they felt looser.  I get on the scale tomorrow for my weekly weigh-in, so I’ll find out if I’ve lost any, but I’m pretty sure my measurements are shrinking.  I won’t take them again, though, until I’m finished.

Yesterday’s food:  had 1 Activity point leftover to consume, no Weeklies used.  Good day…except I only drank 60 oz of water.  I was taken out to lunch by some product reps, and while I wanted to eat the fried, saucy chicken wings that the restaurant is known for, I opted for a wrap instead.  It was tasty too.  One small victory at a time.


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