Day 17 – and Thoughts on Sustaining the 30 Day Shred

This morning’s workout:  30-Day Shred Level 2.  Morning butt kicking complete.

This morning, someone was lead to my blog by the search term “how to sustain 30 Day Shred”.  This got me to thinking about how I am sustaining it, because in all honesty, I usually don’t stick with workout routines.  Training schedule for half-marathons or marathons?  I take those as suggestions.  P90X?  Yeah right.  So I’m a couple workouts shy of being half way through the 30 Day Shred, and here are my thoughts on why I will finish it:

  • I’m building in rest days – hence the reason I’m on “Day 17” but only on workout 13.  I’m going to do the workouts 30 times (3 Levels – each 10 times) rather than end this after 30 days.  AND – very important – I‘m not going to be mad at myself about the rest days.  Self-loathing only leads to bad things.
  • I’ve found the best time to workout for myself.  This isn’t the same for everyone, so you have to experiment with what works for you. What I’ve found that really works for me is 5:30 in the morning.  My husband gets up then for work anyway, and the evening is filled with too much other stuff that I won’t make time for working out.  I used to dread going home after work, trying to fit a workout when I was tired and hungry and there were a billion things that I felt I needed to do instead.  In the morning, it’s just me, my DVD, and the sunrise.
  • I remind myself that it’s just a 30 minute workout and it’s just 30 days (or a little more if you take rest days).  I remind myself of those 4 hour training runs for the marathon and that I have given up things, like Starbucks and french fries, as New Year’s Resolutions – and really accomplished it.  Giving up 30 minutes for 30 days?  I can do that.  I guess what I’m really saying here is it’s all in how you look at it.  Rather than saying, “30 days? That’s such a long time”, try to think, “Only 30 day? That’s nothing”.
  • And – as annoying it may be for me to post about it every day, blogging about it helps me.  That’s really about accountability though.  Find a way to hold yourself accountable – or someone else who will.  Get a workout partner or someone you can tell about your workout everyday.  Talk to your friends about what you’re doing.  Blog about it.  Whatever works for you.
  • If none of that works and you still feel like not continuing, google “30 Day Shred results” and look at the images that come up.


Maybe some of that will help someone.  Admittedly, I’m the type of person who easily gets consumed with whatever I’m into at the moment (currently, it’s losing weight and studying for my exam – that’s pretty much all I think about while I’m awake). I think my consuming personality helps my will-power to keep going, but I know that not everyone is like that (and thank goodness!  it’s a blessing and a curse).

On to yesterday’s food:  22 points + 3 Activity Points = 25 points to use; ate them all but didn’t use any weeklies.

It comes as a surprise to me that I didn’t use any weeklies, b/c I felt like I binged last night.  At dinner, I measured out my food, and then the husband criticized how much food was on my plate (it did look like a lot, but it was mostly veggies).  I put some of it back.  Then about an hour after dinner, we were both hungry.  We shared some chips and salsa – which is where I thought the binging happened, but when I calculated my points later, I found out that I was covered.  The husband’s hunger seemed to be inconsolable, so he found some other stuff to eat.  I recognized that he was eating his boredom.  I used to do this at work.  He’s pretty fit, so he can afford to do that every now and then.  I cannot…especially when it’s not even my boredom.


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