Week 3 Weigh-In

…umm, what day it is?

In my last post, I mention that I easily get consumed with whatever I’m interested in at the moment; this classifies me as a Type A personality (though I would argue that I am slow to anger and more patient than the descriptions of Type A’s).  Why do I mention this again?  Because after my last post, where I talk about why I will keep going strong with the 30 Day Shred, I got consumed with something else completely – studying for my ARE exam that was Monday – at the expense of eating better and working out.  I didn’t work out; I didn’t cook; we ate every meal away from the house; I didn’t care.  I was stressed about the test.

I will say that I still tried to make good decisions, eat proper portions, and not eat my stress, but that’s about all I the concentration I could manage to devote.  And when I got on the scale this morning for my weekly weigh-in, it showed.  Somehow I was lucky enough to not gain, but I didn’t lose either.  The number staring back at me was the name number I saw last week – and at this point, I’m pretty happy about that.  It’s like I hit the pause button for a week.

But then my Type A personality sends me a twinge of guilt for being happy about being complacent.

Anyway, cramming for the test is over, and I’m back to getting up early to work out and tracking my food.  This morning was my 5th Level 2 30 Day Shred workout, and since I had taken 5 days off, it’s still kicking my butt.

I won’t find out if I passed the exam for 3 to 6 weeks.  New mini goal – lose 5 pounds before the exam results arrive.

4 thoughts on “Week 3 Weigh-In

    1. Kate, The Busy Wife Post author

      Thank you! I figure I will need that 5 pound loss between now and finding out because I will either want a celebrate dinner…or commiseration dinner… Hope you can make things work with the house you’re looking into!

    1. Kate, The Busy Wife Post author

      Sorry if I’m late getting back to you – Level 2 is pretty tough but doable. The strength portions and the cardio portions are definitely a step up; I’ve never done so many different moves in plank position.


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