Calling This “Day 25” – and Progress


A few things that are not working:

  • Me – in that I have not been tracking my food.  GETTING BACK ON THAT TODAY!
  • Weighing in every 8 days instead of the same day every week.  Silly idea.  Sticking with Thursday for now.
  • Weighing in multiple times in one day (morning vs night).  Again – silly idea and there was a reason, but I’ll stick with afternoon, right when I get home from work.

A few things that ARE working:

  • Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred.

I’ve been feeling kind of overwhelmed by keeping up with everything and underwhelmed by results.  The scale seems to be stuck.  I know the reason – as I mentioned above I haven’t been tracking for about a week.  So in an attempt to stop being overwhelmed, I need to simplify.

But – as the title of my blog is a constant reminder – the number on the scale is not everything.  This morning, after completing my 6th workout of 30 Day Shred Level 2 and in a need for motivation, I took my progress measurements.  Despite only being on the 16th workout, it has been almost a month since I started.  And even though I’m not following the regimen quite as designed, IT IS WORKING.

  • Weight (at last weigh-in):  153.4  (lost 2.6 pounds)
  • Bust:  35.5 (down 1.5″ from 37″)
  • Under bust:  29″ (down 1″ from 30”)
  • Waist:  29″ (down 1″ from 30”
  • Abdomen (aka “pooch”): 38 (down 1.5″ from 39.5”)
  • Hips:  39.75 (down 1.5″ from 41.25”)
  • Largest part of thigh:  23.5″ (down .75″ from 24.25”)
  • Bicep:  12″ (down .25″ from 12.25”)

So even though I’ve only lost 2.6 pounds, I have lost 7.5 inches.  My pants that were snug are fitting better.  I have more energy on days that I workout, and I feel better when I drink plenty of water and eat better.

It’s easy to get consumed with negativity – like how much easier losing weight seemed when I was single and didn’t have to consider someone else when planning meals – and how the pounds seemed to come off so much quicker then.  But in reality, it wasn’t easy then either.  My body is changing, a little at a time, and if I stay diligent, I will get to where I want to be.  Stay Diligent, not Discouraged.


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