First Day of Level 3 – 30 Day Shred

Just to recap – I’ve been doing the 30 Day Shred workouts Monday through Friday mornings and taking the weekends off (for various reasons, but I won’t go in to that).  I completed Level 2 on Friday, and really needed the rest this weekend, as I had tweaked my right shoulder.  This morning was my first Level 3 workout.

My shoulder felt normal again, but in an attempt to take it easy on the shoulder, I had decided ahead of time that I would only use 3 pound weights.  I had previewed the workout and knew that the weights were used during some of the cardio, but the majority of the strength exercises are done using body weight.  I did use a 5 pound dumbbell on the dumbbell cleans, but I could not imagine doing jumping jacks with 5 pounds in each hand.

Superman:  my favorite move.  Image found on Google.

Superman: my favorite move. Image found on Google.

In general, I felt like Level 3 was not really a step up from Level 2; I’d almost say it was easier, but admittedly, I did the modified version of quite a few of the moves (sumo hops, jumping lunges, jump squats, and the entire circuit 3).

Here’s my theory on why it seems easier:  In both Level 1 and Level 2 workouts, I personally felt like the first circuit was the hardest.  Starting out with the hardest circuit makes everything that comes after a little harder because I’m tired from the start.  In the Level 3 workout, I felt like the last circuit was the hardest.  The first two, I can do all the “badass” moves (except the jumping moves, because this girl cannot jump; I get no air). But that last circuit comes, and I have to do the modified version of all of them.  I feel like if this were the first circuit, I probably would have been modifying more moves on the other two.

That’s just my initial thoughts.  We’ll see how I feel about this workout at the end.

On a somewhat-related-yet-still-random-tangent, I mentioned that I cannot jump and thought of a somewhat funny antidote.  The hubs and I were doing Crossfit workouts before the wedding last summer, and some of the workouts included “box jumps” – where you jump from the ground onto a “box” or platform of some sorts, stand up straight, then jump off and repeat multiple times.  I think the boxes that the workouts call for are usually 30″ or taller.  Knowing I get no air, I started on one that was 18″…with the husband holding my hands, half pulling my up as I jumped.  When it became clear to him that I was really making the jumps by myself, he went tough love on me and told me he wasn’t holding my hands anymore – literally (figuratively, he was still supportive).  Without his hands, every time I wanted to make a jump, I had to psych myself up – even after I had just done it a few times.  Before EVERY jump, I would have to tell myself, “You can do this.  You just did this with no problem.  You can do it again.”  It’s pretty pathetic…especially when you’re supposed to be doing 50 in a row…and I have to take 10 seconds between each one to work myself up to do it again.  Amazingly though, box jumps are still not my least favorite exercise.

One day...maybe...Image from

One day…maybe…Image from

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