Day 34 – Thinking about what’s next…

Like a good girl, I went home yesterday after work, put some rice in the rice cooker to go along with the leftovers we were having for dinner, and did the morning’s missed Level 3 workout.  Sometime during the day, I got sore.  It was sometime after I snuck in a 3 mile walk over my lunch hour that I noticed my hip flexors, glutes, and lats were stiff.  Between that and being tired, the workout was even more challenging.  I really began to question what I was thinking, saying the third circuit was the hardest, as I was struggling with the first circuit.  I spent the rest of the evening walking around like a zombie before crawling in bed at 9.

This morning I fought through my desire to sleep as much as I could, pulled myself out of bed, and did the workout again.  The workout went much better – as I rocked the up and down planks that started me off struggling yesterday – and even managed the regular version of the plank rows w/ leg raises that I had previously been modifying.

Foodwise – I’ve been staying on track so far this week, even though I haven’t been reporting it here.  Monday and Tuesday were good days, and I have a plan to make the rest of the week follow suit.

Having completed the 23rd workout, with only 7 left, I have started thinking about what comes next.  I’ve been thinking about sticking with Jillian and trying “Ripped in 30” or “6 Week Six Pack”, but then I’ve also found a couple of other routines I’d like to try out – just for the sake of doing something different and not getting bored.  This P90X inspired 14 day workout looks interesting, as well as this adaptation of the Two-Week Total Body Turnaround.  The strength part of the later almost seems a little too easy, but I like the inclusion of the walking plan, which I could do over lunch.   In the next few days I plan to develop a workout plan to take me at least through Memorial Weekend – when we are going to the lake and I will have to get into a swimsuit.

Oh, Swimsuit:  you are the ultimate motivation, aren't you?

Oh, Swimsuit: you are the ultimate motivation, aren’t you?

PS – The above image is from an article about the best swimsuits for pear shaped bodies.  Lots of good tips for ladies with hips!

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