30 Day Shred Review

I’m a little behind on writing this review, as I finished the 30 Day Shred on Friday, but here it is!


How it works:  The Break Down

  • 3 Videos – each one a different Level
  • Each level is progressively harder than the last
  • Each video is broken into three 6-minute circuits, plus a warm up and cool down, for about a 30 minute workout.
  • Each 6-minute circuit is broken up into 3 intervals:  3 minutes of strength moves, 2 minutes of cardio, 1 minute of ab work.
  • Most intervals repeat 2 movements.  So for 3 minutes of strength, there are 2 movements that you do twice (or two sets of each movement for a total of 4 sets).  There is at least one cardio interval where there are 4 different movements (which are all repeats from the other intervals) and a couple of ab intervals that you do the same thing for the whole minute.
  • Each video has a modified “beginner’s” version of the movements and a “bad-ass” version.
  • Each video works your whole body, not just a portion of it.
  • You do each level for 10 days then move to the next.

My Thoughts:

  • I love the set up of these workouts – the 3-2-1 intervals.  I love that in one workout, I get legs, arms, back, and chest worked out – plus cardio – plus abs.
  • When I was looking to start the 30 Day Shred, I compared it to P90X and why I thought I’d like it more.  I stand by that comparison.
  • I think Level 2 and Level 3 workouts were equally challenging – both much more than Level 1.
  • I got a little tired of the videos – particularly Jillian’s voice and habits and the background music (one nice thing about the P90X dvds is that there is the option to play without the background music and I think even without most of the talking.  Love that feature).  I got so tired of the videos I did the last few days of Level 3 from memory, without the video.  I think I actually did a few more reps of most movements that way.
  • I got a little tired of the repetition.  On one hand, for some of the movements, I needed the 10  days to get better at them (and a few of the movements I never got beyond the modified the version).  On the other hand, it’s the same thing for 10 days.  Like I said – I had it memorized.
  • Even though it’s “just” a 30 minute workout, it takes up more than 30 minutes of your day – unless you can stay sweaty for a while.  Maybe I sweat more than normal, but for me, the 30 Day Shred involved washing my sweat-soaked hair right afterwards.  There was no, “I’ll work this in really quickly before I go out for drinks” or anything like that.


I need to start by saying I didn’t follow any nutrition plan lined out by Jillian.  I tracked my food following my old original Weight Watchers Points material…but I could have done better – both with tracking and with choices.

AND  I took rest days.  I did not work out on the weekends; life is hectic and I believe in rest days to heal your body, not matter what Jillian says.  So it took me 45 days to do the workouts 30 times.

AND I have no pictures to show.

Here’s my final numbers:

  • Weight:  Lost 5 pounds (from 156 down to 151)
  • Bust:  Lost 3 inches (37” down to 34″) 😦
  • Under bust:  stayed the same at 30″
  • Waist:  Lost 1 inch (30” down to 29″)
  • Abdomen (aka “pooch”): Lost 2″ (39.5” down to 37.5)
  • Hips:  Lost 1.25″ (41.25” down to 40″)
  • Largest part of thigh:  Lost 1.5 inch (24.25” down to 23.75″)
  • Bicep:  lost 1/4 of an inch (12.25” down to 12″)
  • Total inches lost:  9

Not all that impressive.  Plus, I took my measurements halfway through, and my transformation was definitely a positive split (lost more in the first half than the second half).  I know these lackluster results have to do with food – reaffirming the whole “abs are made in the kitchen”.

But all is not lost.  9″ and 5 pounds is better than nothing.  I feel as though I have more energy and less stress.  I’ve come to really enjoy getting up early and working out in the morning.  And even though the weight and measurements didn’t change as drastically as I might have hoped, I can see some toning, and clothes that were a little too tight are fitting better.

This month, I am moving on to Ripped in 30, and I have modified the a nutrition plan that goes a long with the workout into something I can follow.  More on that later.

Would I recommend the 30-Day Shred?  First of all, I’m no doctor, and you should always talk to your doctor about what exercise is right for you (and we all do that, don’t we…).  I liked the workout.  It was challenging, and yet not so much so that I couldn’t do the moves.  If you like HIIT (or are wanting to get in to it) and you need a set routine to follow, this is a good place to start.


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