Ripped in 30: Day 1 and 2

It has begun!  Bring it, Jillian.


I wasn’t able to get up yesterday morning, so I did the first workout yesterday afternoon.  I always struggle working out in the afternoon, tired from working all day and thinking about all I need to do after the workout.  As I struggled through, I loathed Jillian, even though about half of the movements are repeats from the three levels of the 30 Day Shred; I was exhausted…and she looks phenomenal in the video.  Her arms are my motivation.

I did manage to get up this morning and repeat the workout.  This time, while still challenging, it was much better.  To me, I think this routine is equally as hard as Level 3 of the 30 Day Shred – mostly because she ramps up the speed for the “bad-ass” version on most of the cardio…plus some new cardio moves that definitely get the heart rate up.

Now, I am feeling a little sore – mostly in my upper arms, glutes, and hips.  I love it.  I’ve always loved the slight ache of sore muscles after a good workout.  Maybe that’s weird, but it makes me feel like I really did something.  So far, I like the video.

A couple of changes I noticed in this series is that instead of two moves for the strength circuit, there are three; I like that change.  And I watched the intro part (which I never did for the 30 Day Shred); she tells you to do the workout 5 or 6 days a week, not 7 like I had been thinking.  Thank you for the rest days that I would have taken anyway!  And there’s a free downloadable nutrition plan.

The nutrition plan is based on 3-400 calorie meals and 1-200 calorie snack.  Most of the recipes sound pretty good.  But I am not following the plan 100% for several reasons – the main ones being too many ingredients per week and too much food going to waste (b/c of partially used ingredients). Plus the recipes repeat every 10 days or so, and I like a little more variety than that.  So…I made my own meal plan, using a lot of Jillian’s recipes, my own recipes, and recipes from another 30 day challenge that I had downloaded previously.  I will stick with the basis of her plan – 3-400 calorie meals and 1 snack (though yesterday I didn’t eat it…).  I’m incorporating a few other things – Meatless Monday, using the slow-cooker once a week,  larger portions for the husband and leftovers for his lunch the next day, a night off every now and then, and a meal out with friends after church, as is our routine.  The nights off are for events that we already have planned, and I feel like as long as I don’t go overboard, this should be okay.  I’m no nutritionist, but I feel like these modifications make a plan realistic for my husband and I.

Here’s what this week looks like:


I was so disappointed that there were no good avocados at the grocery store last night.  No avocado on my turkey avocado wrap tomorrow.  This week includes a lot of tacos and burritos – to use up the tortillas that I would have been buying for some of Jillian’s recipes anyway.

I’m excited to see how this month goes!


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