Weekly Weigh-In #8…and Tabata

Down .6 pounds.

I have mixed feelings about this weigh-in.  On the one hand, any downward movement is progress, and that’s all I can ask for.  Weighing in at 150.6 puts me less that a pound the 140’s – and that is exciting.  But dang, progress is slow.  I know I deserve it – especially this week because I didn’t give it 100% this week.  Honestly, with the way work is keeping me busy and stressed…and the way allergies have my head in a fog, I don’t even feel like I gave it 50% this week.

Getting up in the mornings has been a struggle this week, but I have been keeping up with the April Arm’s Challenge.  It is from here that I have just learned what a tabata is (though the husband says we did these when we were doing Crossfit…but I don’t remember a Crossfit workout ever only lasting 4 minutes).

So if you don’t know what a tabata is, it’s a 4 minute interval workout (but you should warm up before!).  The intervals are 20 seconds of a high intensity move followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times (which totals 4 minutes).  The moves in the intervals usually alternate so you’re not just doing one move 8 times.

Now it you’re like me and are thinking “4 minutes?  That sounds ridiculously easy” or “10 seconds of rest between moves seems like a lot of time” – get that out of your head right now.  10 seconds basically gives you time to get in position for the next interval, not time to fully recover.  And remember I mentioned these were high intensity intervals?  It’s 4 minutes of burn.  Don’t be like me and set the timer automatically for 8 minutes on your first tabata ever; I WAS BEAT.  But I liked it so much, I did this week’s Thursday tabata for 8 minutes again.

Last week’s tabata moves were bench hops and mountain climbers; this week’s were medicine ball slams and burpees without pushups.  I added the push-up, as best I could.  I hate burpees…and thrusters…and anything that requires me to jump on to or over something (box jumps, bench hops, etc)…and by hate I mean I curse doing them until after they’re done when I feel amazing because I overcame a huge physical and mental challenge.

Alright – I feel pumped up to make next week better than this week.


One thought on “Weekly Weigh-In #8…and Tabata

  1. Jen

    Hi, I found your blog through 20SB and wondered if you’d tried the Visalus (Body by Vi) programme? I’ve been on it for 45 days and it seems to really work…I’m not yet convinced the weight loss will stay off, but I guess I’ll just have to weight and see. Jen xx


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