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Day 10 – and my first real push-up

Today’s workout:  Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred Level 1 w/ 5 lb weights and mostly modified push-ups, 8th time.

That’s right – I said MOSTLY modified push-ups.  I did a couple of REAL PUSH-UPS during both sets!!  I started out doing the modified push-ups and thought to myself, “This seems way too easy” – so at the end of the first set, I paused the video and tried a couple of regular ones.  And I didn’t whimp out of them…I went all the way down so my nose touched the floor and my form felt perfect (the Cross-fit loving husband has emphasized perfect technique on all moves, so I do know proper push-up form…even though I couldn’t do push-ups).  I started out my second set with a few push-ups before having to put my knees down.  This may seem silly, like such a minor improvement – but I am ECSTATIC.

Yesterday’s Food:  Points allowed:  22; Activity Points earned:  3; Points used:  25; 0 Weeklies used = 35 remaining.  Water goal – check; fruit and veggie goal – check.


One of my guilty pleasures is popcorn.  When we go to a movie, I smell it and I want it.  The same goes for Target (but I resist – I’m against eating and shopping).  I decided last night, it was time to splurge a little on something I like to eat – and since I gave up all things unnaturally sweet for Lent, I split a bag of popcorn with the husband while we splurged and watched TV for more than 30 minutes (which we rarely do).  Even though it’s empty calories, I don’t feel guilty – because I had Activity Points left to use; I wouldn’t have to use any Weeklies; I met my mini food goals; and I have had 2 great days Monday and Tuesday where I didn’t even consume all my Activity Points.

Needless to say, I liked that Lose Weight Like a Man article so much that I’m really trying to adjust my attitude.  I mean, honestly, I can’t consider this a “lifestyle” if I forbid myself my favorite foods; it’s just a “diet” then – and when I go back to eating those foods, I probably won’t be able to control myself.  And this journey is really about getting healthy, not just losing weight – which means I need to learn control.