Weekly Weigh-Ins

Just a place for me to stay organized.

Don’t forget: transforming your body takes TIME and WORK.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  Healthy weight loss is one to two pounds a week.  Those “how to lose (insert huge amount of weight) in (insert ridiculously small window of time)” promises are MYTHS!

Starting Weight:  156.0 lbs

Week 1:  154.0 lbs       (lost 2 lbs)

Week 2:  153.4 lbs       (lost .6 lbs, total lost:  2.6 lbs)

Week 3:  153.4 lbs       (lost 0 lbs, total lost: 2.6 lbs)

Week 4:  151.8 lbs       (lost 1.6 lbs, total lost: 4.2 lbs)

Week 5:  151.0 lbs       (lost .8 lbs, total lost:  5 lbs)

Week 6:  153.4 lbs       (gained 2.4 pounds)

Week 7:  151.2 lbs       (lost 2.2 pounds)

Week 8:  150.6 lbs       (lost .6 lbs, total lost 5.4)


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