Day 26…and a Small Rant about Water Cups

Ever been to a casual restaurant and ordered a water with your meal, only to be given some little dinky clear plastic cup?  Why do restaurants do this??  I find this typically at casual restaurants where you walk up to a counter to order and then go to a beverage station to get your own drink.  I don’t know if fast food places do this, but I can think of a couple of nicer places that I frequent that do.  I understand that since they don’t charge for water, they want to be able to make sure a person who orders water doesn’t get some other beverage, but a 6 oz cup?  That’s like three drinks.  Or is it because the price of the cup itself is so much cheaper?

Water Cup vs Small Soda Cup.  Image from

Water Cup vs Small Soda Cup. Image from

It’s pretty ridiculous to me that a small soda cup is twice as large as a water cup.  I guess I could look at it as I get more exercise going back to the beverage station for 10 refills, but seriously, if the restaurant feels so cheated by people ordering water, charge 25 cents and give me a bigger cup!

Anyway, stepping off that soapbox:  got up this morning and did the Level 2 30 Day Shred for the 7th time.  I’m so over planking.  I think I’ll check out the Level 3 video today to see what’s coming up soon.

Yesterday’s food: Earned 3 Activity Points and ate 24.5 points. Right on target with half a point to spare.  Drank my water, and ate my servings of fruits and veggies.   Good day.

On another side note, have I mentioned I gave up desserts and candy for Lent?  It really hasn’t been hard for me – I even made my father-in-law an apple pie for his birthday, which I couldn’t taste to know how it was.  That didn’t even bother me – though it is a little awkward to be sitting at a table full of people eating pie while you sit with nothing.  But last night, I was stuffing plastic eggs with candy for our church’s upcoming egg hunt, and I had the hardest time not shoveling Skittles into my mouth…fun size packaging and all.


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